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Overview & Features

DISC Hosting was written in an attempt to seperate machine maintaince from helpdesk tasks in it's fullest extend. The web interface, offered by DISC Hosting, aims to be easy to understand for people with limited technical knowledge, so that non-techies can assign domains to new "customers" (we wrote this with the non-profit sector in mind).

The DISC Hosting administrative interface also provides a layer for the customers, where they can change their own settings in an easy way. We aim to leave as many decisions as possible to the individual domain owners. We try to present these decissions in a way that is easy to understand.

On an even lower level, individual users in the assigned domains can change a lot of their settings themselves, too.

Modularity and language-independence

Allthough the current version does not fully have modules and language packs allready, our goal is to work towards seperation of the DISC Hosting functions into modules and make in easy to translate the interface.

Allready on installation on our second host, we found that the wishes of the users of this host differed a lot from those on the first host. The first host was using Sympa as the mailinglist manager, while the users of the second host where used to (and happy with) Mailman. The result is that DISC Hosting now has support for both, but depends on none.

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