Darwin Streaming Server

DISC has a server capable of streaming video and audio. If you upload files and play them through the streaming server, the client will open the stream immediately instead of first downloading the content to the client machine.

Each virtual host on DISC has a subdirectory called "streams". Everything you put in there will be visible from the outside world and be served through the [WWW]Darwin Streaming Server. Since "streams" is a subdirectory of your webroot, these files can also be downloaded by the client (for later use). If you do not want that, you should put a [WWW].htaccess file in this directory.

The Darwin streaming server natively streams mp3 audio and mpeg4/quicktime video, but it also has support for some other formats. Newer versions are likely to support more formats. More about this can be found in the Quicktime Streaming Server Administrator's Guide on the [WWW]Darwin webpage

example use

Live streaming

Live streaming is not enabled by default (yet) for all domains. If you want to make use of our live streaming server, contact the helpdesk to get a login.

More information

A usefull starting point for information on Open Source streaming is the [WWW]Mpeg4IP homepage.