About DISC

DISC is a remote management interface for easy website maintainance. It will not forfill all wishes of your customers, but will give a workable environment for most of them. Some websites (needing special access, special database types or special software) are just not suited for a system like this, because they need the manual intervention of a system administrator. DISC aims to offer low-cost webhosting with almost no sysadmin intervention.

DISC Basics

DISC is maintained through a web interface, in our situation hosted at There is four levels of accounts in this interface:

You will probably log in as "helpdesk" most of the time.

Making a new domain

Making a new domain is as easy as typing the name and clicking on "Add" in the left side menu. However, there are some things to think of first:

Basic management of a newly created domain

After creating a domain, you can choose manage from the left menu to change the properties of this domain.

DISC Features


When an account is created, webmail can be accessed at: or The first URL is secure, so more advisable (your password cannot be read by others on the net). Email can also be access through POP or IMAP, both with or without SSL (security, same as above) enabled.

Incoming email is checked on virusses (if found thrown away) and spam (if found, marked or thrown away). Each individual user can set his personal preferences on how strict this spam-policy should be (and even let virusmail through).


Statistics of DISC usage are available through the management interface. Normal users and domainadmins can only see the statistics of their domain.


Mailinglists for each domain can be administered through the pages found on The entry page will show all available lists under this hostname and features a login button on the top left. The login interface accepts both email adresses and usernames as logins. This way both users of DISC and subscribers to individual mailinglists can login to the interface. DISC users either log in with their email address or their usernames (logging in with host specific email address will load individual preferences for that listserver). External subscribers or list-owners can only log in with their email address. What users can do after login, varies with their status:

Creating Lists

For all logged in users who are authorized, the Create List option will be clickable on the top right menu. In the following interface, the list parameters can be set. Every value has to be filled in, otherwise the request will fail. IF the user creating the list is also listmaster, the list is automatically created and activated. Subscribers should be added once a list is created (the listowner should be the first subscriber most sensibly) If the user creating the list is authorized to do so but is not a listmaster, then the list is created as "pending request". A listmaster has to activate the list via the Sympa Admin --> Pending Lists interface. The settings for the list are written at the time where a list request is processed (i.e immediately in case of a listmaster, after approval in case of any other user) and the list can be used from that moment on.

Managing Lists

The table of mailinglists that can be reached by clicking on the Home button of the top right menu shows an admin button next to any available list that a user is allowed to administrate. Both listmasters and listowners may do so. Listmasters for all lists on their domain, listowners only for those lists they are owner of. Most entries of the interface are self explanatory. TODO: as soon as there is a layout,, remove all functions we do not want and make screenshots for explanation.