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Webalizer & Logrotate setup

Webalizer creates an overview of web statistics for you. The results are integrated into the DISC web interface. DISC also calculates an overview of all domains and total usage per month.

Logrotate is used to daily rotate the apache logs for each webserver. Our default is to rotate logfiles daily and keep old logs for only one week.

Defaults for webalizer and logrotate can be changed in:

  • /usr/local/discadmin/daemon/webalizer.pl
  • /usr/local/discadmin/daemon/logrotate.disc


    You can just install the webalizer debian package with:
    apt-get install webalizer
    Logrotate is a standard tool, so it is probably already installed.

    Copy the webalizer.conf example file from /examples to /etc/webalizer.conf.

    Copy examples/disc.cron.d to /etc/cron.d/disc.

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