System Installation manual for DISChosting

About this Document

DISChosting is an integrated IP-suite which is designed and intended to run on a dedicated server. Theoretically it could be possible to adapt the system for deployment paralell to an already existing set of services, but such a scenariao is not covered by this document.
The intention of this document is to explain how to configure a server platform to become suitable for operation with DISChosting. We will not cover how to install the OS or even each and every individual piece of software from the ground up, for that we have to direct you to the approriate HOWTOs and man pages. We intend to cover and explain each configuration directive and feature that has to be included or set for proper operation of DISChosting, though.
Some of the software that the functionalities of DISChosting depend upon or can be used with (most notably LDAP and Sympa) are in active development, therefore it can easily happen that features we use, and had to find special workarounds for, will change in future releases. We shall try to keep our documentation as up-to-date as possible in response to that.
For the features and general description of DISChosting, look at more general documentation

Table of Contents

  1. Overview & Features
  2. Installation Requirements & Prerequisites - What you need to run Dischosting
  3. LDAP Configuration - How to set up LDAP and your directory tree
  4. Disc Configuration - Disc basic installation
  5. Webserver Configuration - How Apache integrates with DISChosting
  6. First Testrun - Installing and starting up the Admin Interface for a dry-run.
  7. PureFTPD - Installing the ftp server
  8. Chrooted ssh - Install chrooted ssh
  9. Mail System Setup - Basic Postfix configuration for integration with DISChosting
  10. Amavis Setup - How to configure Amavis, Spamassassin, Clamav and RBL.
  11. Setting up sasl - SASL, TLS & Smtp authentication
  12. Setting up mailman - mailinglists
  13. Postfix security - basic postfix security
  14. Sympa - the sympa mailinglist server
  15. Courier - Courier imap/pop server
  16. Squirrelmail - webmailer
  17. Webalizer - Webalizer and Log rotation
  18. Mysql - Mysql integration
  19. Icecast - using icecast with Disc
  20. Darwin - Darwin Streaming Server
  21. Security - Security Tips