Disc Hosting

Disc hosting is web management interface for hosting non-profit websites and email. It aims to make it simple to host many small websites and offer handy tools to the people maintaining the website.

You can download the Dischosting sources from the SourceForge project page (from cvs!). An installation manual can be found here.

Version 0.1.1 is released! (2004-08-16)

You can download version 0.1.1 from here. The main reason to call this a release is to synchronise manual versions. Several translations are on their way now...


Disc features

Managed software

The programs used to accomplish all this are:


Get involved!

DiscHosting is supposed to be a public effort to give non-profit organisations the most comfortable hosting solution with the lowest possible helpdesk effort. Subscribe to our mailinglist and help us code!


This software is available under the GNU Public License